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From Clown to Crown

From Clown to Crown - What pageantry taught me about self-love, female empowerment, and resilience.

"What started off as one big joke, turned into a self-adoring strut down life's giant runway."

Claudine now considers herself a master ma
nifestor but getting there, required her to become a master failure first. In this totally hilarious talk, Claudine discusses her journey from starving actress, to struggling comic, to successful hilarious-human, to 100%-in-her-power beauty queen, with all the failures and wins in between. Claudine explains how she found her inner voice, kept her sense of funny, and turned her “mess" into her “message” all whilst wearing 9-inch heels. From Clown to Crown explores how Claudine ditched her red nose, for painted toes and inspired women across the country to do the same.


Inspire Women / Female Empowerment

"Learning to love yourself and face your fears head-on,

is not only inspiring but hugely transformative too."

Keynote Speaker

Pageant Mentoring

Mrs Sa Final Presentation_A Letter to My Son

Mrs Sa Final Presentation_A Letter to My Son

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