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Mrs Personality

“Ullman, who walked away with the Mrs Personality title at the 2022 Mrs South Africa pageant, said:“That is the exact award I should have won! I remained 100% authentic to who I am." -The Sunday Times

Mrs Personality, is Claudine Ullman’s new (WIP) comedy show about being the best, where winning isn’t everything. Unless you are losing. Then, yes, winning is EVERYTHING! Should Claudine win any awards for this show she promises to single-handedly lower taxes, combat world hunger and put an end to natural disasters. “Mrs Personality” isn't just a comedy; it's a sidesplitting exploration of the dark side of pageantry, where the pursuit of validation pushes women to outrageous extremes. Claudine, delivers a performance that will leave you howling with laughter and thigh-clapping for more.

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Upcoming Mrs Personality Shows

Venue: The Book Club London

Venue: The Book Club London

Venue: The Book Club London

Venue: The Book Club London

Artificially Infeminated

"There are no gimmicks here, just full-blooded, whole-hearted hilarity." Bruce Dennil - Comedy Blogger

Artificially Infeminated,  is Claudine’s debut one-woman comedy show that explores everything from her childhood infatuation with becoming famous, to her current infatuation with her double chin. Playing multiple characters, she discusses deep questions that explore the human condition like the battle between men and women and the battle between gym and tennis biscuits….
This show is a fresh, hilarious and surprising take on stand-up comedy and will leave you thigh clapping for more. Who knows, you may even become part of the show. Buckle up, this show promises to be one helluva ride!